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That phrase blew my mind…

The phrase:  See how He loved him.  The context is Jesus in a cemetery crying or as the KJV says… “Jesus wept”… the first verse in the Bible I ever memorized…  Why did he weep?  I have read commentaries for years that came up with some of the silliest answers but The Book says “…see how He loved him…”

There have been a few people that have been friends who have died and I cried at their funeral.  Judy, Marsha, Glenda, and Steve had a father and their mother who I called Gaggi, had a wonderful husband, who was one more special man to me.  His presence in our church office was wonderful.  Every time he would come to visit he made sure that he knocked on each staff person’s door and spoke so kindly to them and was so special.  I remember when he would invite Nancy and I over to the house when they would have an old fashioned corn shucking gathering.  We would shuck corn, boil it briefly and make it ready for the freezer and we were fortunate to take some of the fruit of our labor home with us.  We would enjoy the corn and think of them all the time.  I was especially of those phone calls that told me that Mrs. Player was making pies…some peach and some apple…fried pies…not the kind you bake in the oven but the kind you make in a cast iron frying pan on the stove with some Crisco or Lard being the base…and the taste… Oh my goodness were they ever delicious… they really were… unbelievable… taste off the chain…

When Glenn died, I cried.  I wept.  I don’t know why Glenn and not others.  There have been others that have affected me like that.  He came to mind as I write.   The man had climbed all the way up in my heart and in the heart of my family and they loved me.  When he died a part of me went with him.  I missed him a lot.  There have been several that have been that way.  I remember when I left Jerry who lived on Midland Park Road.  When I left the Midland Park Baptist Church field to go to seminary and carried my wife and young baby Jason, I had to go to the store where Jerry worked and say goodbye and he wept and I wept.  To this day, my heart hurts that I was unable to return for his funeral and to pay my respects while away at seminary.  Jerry was one of those special people in my life.

I was reminded the other day in some of my reading that it was love that healed Lazarus.  There was no special prayer meeting.  There was no oil.  No arena for him to have the dead body of Lazarus drawn across in front of TV Camera’s for the world to see.  Had it not been for the witness of the Scriptures our world would be left wanting  of this real life event.  There stood a man deeply in love with Lazarus.  Love called out and Lazarus’ dead body responded to the call.

There is nothing in the world like being loved.  Love heals a lot of things.  When Love lives in you then you are able to love.  The direction of that love is so well defined by the Lover himself when he says that we are to love the lord with all…love our neighbors…and love ourselves.  Being loved puts a lot of things in the right perspective.  We can give folk food and not love.  We can give people rent money and not love.  We cannot heal lepers but we can love them.  Yesterday I got one of those text messages that a pastor who has been at it as long as I have gets from time to time.  It was one from a deacon that gave the distinct impression that “dad ain’t got much time left”.  Betty, the wonderful hospice nurse had been loving up on the family (there’s that loving word again…and it is in the active fashion…) and walking with them through the process of Larry trying his best to get to glory.  Larry was a strong man but I am thinking that in this case cancer is much tougher than he.  He has very little time left.  I went to his house to simply “love” on the family and to pray with them as they were loving Larry into glory.

The priceless thing about Larry is he is not alone.  He is blessed with family, friends, co-workers at his business.  He is filled with the presence of the Lord.  The Hospice organization is one of the most loving groups in the world.  I was thinking about all of that tonight and the line “See how He loved him” just came to mind.

Lord, help me not to be selfish with Your love.  Let it leak out all over the place.


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