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14 And David danced before the Lord with all his might, wearing a priestly garment.[e] 15 So David and all the people of Israel brought up the Ark of the Lord with shouts of joy and the blowing of rams’ horns.

There are days where it seems God’s presence is missing.  I will admit (or to be more ‘spiritual’ I will confess it…) that He is always present and never moves.  However, there are days where it seems that the ark is not in it’s right place.  Three months this ark has been at Obed’s house and God was blessing him.  King David, noticed it wasn’t in its right place in the temple and it was time to bring it back home…not on the wagon pulled by oxen…but carried there the way God had ordered it to be taken…Once it was properly prepared for moving and the men picked it up they walked six steps and David offered a sacrifice… A blood sacrifice – he rectified the past error and stopped to say thanks for all God had done in blessing Obed’s house… Then they moved it and David offered up his heart to God for God’s presence was coming home again… shortly He would be evident in the temple…it was so normal for God to be there…It was such a real part of David’s experience…he seemed to gain his strength from God being in the temple…

He took off his Kingly robe and put on his worship robe…his priestly garment…it would allow him to dance, and jump and shout… that one did not get in the way of his expression to God.

I want to become aware, especially as I prepare my own heart for tomorrow as I lead in worship AND for today as I live in expectation of living IN Christ and IN His presence, what it is that gets in the way of my dancing.

I thank God for Whitestone Country Inn…and the delight of being able to “get away” for a while and enjoy being able to rest, re-group, re-focus, re-connect and get to the place where I can dance before the Lord again.  I was in so much need of that event…  Terry Warren sang and oh how my spirit soared again…how it flew and how I longed to hear the melody of faith sung…I so wanted to shout and dance and did shout several times… I could have danced to the music that stirred my soul… God’s presence is in His rightful place…

This morning I just want to say thanks to God for people that are so special to me and for the presence of God that is so rich and real…Thank you Father!

I guess, Father, that there are garments of position and power that need to come off as I put on a garment of humility and praise and lift my mind, heart, voice and yes, even dance to you as my gracious Father!  May you be praised…


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